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Air conditioning constitutes fifty-six percent of the average energy expenditure in a Southern California home or business, meaning that over half of your electricity bill lies in the hands of your HVAC unit – a frightening thought. But new commercial air conditioning technology is on the way, and All Systems Mechanical HVAC promises to be at the forefront of these exciting innovations.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Breakthrough?

Desiccant Enhanced Evaporative (DEVAP) Air Conditioning is an up and coming commercial air conditioning technology that combines desiccant materials to remove moisture from the air column using heat.  This differs greatly from current technology with requires refrigerants to transfer heat.  This will decrease total energy costs by an estimated 40 to 80 percent, depending on the region, and decreasing electricity usage by as much as ninety percent.  Obviously commercial air conditioning markets are estimated to be the first to benefit from the new air conditioning technology, but residential communities will soon follow suit.

Commercial Air Conditioning Technology – So how does DEVAP work?

Simply put, it is a large scale version of those small desiccant “do not eat” packets that come in bottles of vitamins and pretzel jars.  It uses these chemicals in conjunction with a membrane to allow the HVAC unit to more efficiently remove humidity from the air, differing drastically from the current air conditioning process which requires large amounts of energy to condense air and remove humidity over multiple passes through the system.  These desiccants utilize water in the air to evaporate and create a cooling effect much like the sweat on your skin, instead of utilizing environmentally harmful refrigerants which means it’s a lot better for the environment as well.

All Systems Mechanical HVAC takes great pride in keeping up-to-date on new commercial air conditioning technologies, and promises to utilize the most cutting edge techniques and technologies in the industry.  With over twenty-five years of commercial air conditioning and residential HVAC experience, give us a call and see what we can do for you.

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